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Sloane Square
London SW1

Sloane Square, laid out in the late-18th century, is named after Sir Hans Sloane, 1660-1753, a wealthy physician and collector, who purchased the manor of Chelsea in 1712. 

Sloane, who was also responsible for helping set up the Chelsea Physic Garden, bequeathed his great art collection or 'cabinet of curiosities' to the state.  This collection formed the basis of the British Museum. 

The attractive open-space has a paved centre with a flower stall and a fountain depicting Venus. 

Dominating the square on the south-west is the upmarket department store, Peter Jones The store was constructed in 1935 - 38, one of first glass-curtain structures to be built in Britain. 

Sloane Square

Facing Peter Jones across the square is the Royal Court Theatre.  For over a century this ground-breaking theatre has pioneered new drama.  Many famous plays have premièred here including several works by George Bernard Shaw, 'Look Back in Anger' by John Osborne and 'Roots' by Arnold Wesker.

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